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Achievement for All

Achievement for All (AfA)


What is Achievement for All?

Achievement for All is a charity focused on educational change; building a world in which all children are seen as having potential, and where every child is enabled to be the best that they can be regardless of background, challenge or need.


AfA programmes have worked with staff in over 3000 schools, colleges and early years settings across England and Wales. It is the leading provider of improved outcomes in reading, writing and maths for the lowest achieving 20% of children and young people.


The charity’s latest Impact Report demonstrates that vulnerable and disadvantaged pupils, including those identified with special educational needs and disabilities, in schools and settings working with AfA, continue to make faster progress in reading, writing and maths than their counterparts in other schools. Many are making as good or better progress than the national expected levels of progress for all pupils.


How does it work?

The AfA programme delivers a whole-school improvement framework that raises the aspirations, access and achievement of vulnerable and disadvantaged pupils, including those with special educational needs and disabilities, EAL, looked-after children and children on free school meals.


The framework is tailored to meet the needs of each individual school, their context and the pupils they wish to support. AfA works with primary, secondary and special schools and pupil referral units.


AFA works closely with parents, carers, teachers and the individual child to secure the best outcome and attainment for their students through personalised and specific targets. The unique programmes are delivered directly to schools and settings via a highly skilled and trained team of expert coaches and specialist online support tool called The Bubble.


It has been developed in collaboration with the sector and is supported by the Department for Education.


AfA coaches work with senior leaders to address a wide range of challenges that impact on attainment within schools and settings. They focus on the following areas:



Coaching for inclusive leadership helps to create capacity within the Senior Leadership Team and develop and strengthen middle leadership.


Teaching and Learning:

Coaching to support closing the attainment gap.


Wider outcomes and opportunities:

Coaching to enhance pupil engagement and the development of behaviours that support learning, good attendance, well-being and self-efficacy.


Parent and carer engagement:

Achievement for All's unique structured conversations help teachers re-visit how they communicate and connect with parents and carers of vulnerable, disadvantaged and underachieving pupils.


The programme:

  • delivers significant improvements in progress and attainment in reading, writing and maths
  • successfully closes the gap – many pupils with SEND working with Achievement for All progress faster in English and mathematics than the national average for all pupils
  • improves wider outcomes such as behaviour and attendance, reducing persistent absenteeism by 10%
  • leads to a whole-school impact with improved outcomes across the school
  • helps to significantly improve school relationships with parents


Newnham St Peter’s has participated in the Achievement for All programme for since 2014 and has been working towards the criteria required for the nationally recognised accreditation for 'Quality Mark'. We achieved this is December 2016.


Laura Bromberg., Regional Lead at Achievement for All, said:


“We are thrilled to present Newnham St Peter`s C of E Primary School with this much deserved award. They have shown a high quality of leadership and teamwork, and most importantly, the target groups have made more than expected progress and are closing the gap with their peers. Our programmes are designed to be a whole school improvement tool and Newnham St Peter`s C of E Primary School has shown a continued commitment and success in improving outcomes for their children.”