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Mrs Anne Nolan will become the new Headteacher from 1st September 2018....see latest news for details.


Welcome to our Governors’ section.

Please find below details of how our Governing body is structured, including the names, categories, responsibilities and terms of appointment for each Governor.
We have also provided a Register of Governor Interests and an Annual Statement of Issues for your information.


Newnham St Peter’s has twelve governors in all.  There are two governors elected by parents, one elected by staff, one nominated by the Local Authority, the Vicar and Head Teacher are  “ex-officio” members, and six foundation governors nominated by the Parochial Church Council.  Of these twelve, one governor is elected as Chair and one as Vice Chair.  Five meetings of the full Governing Board are held each year and five meetings each of two committees, one to monitor Teaching and Learning and one for Business. In the last academic year attendance at Governing Body meetings was over almost 90%. Every meeting is minuted and minutes are available on request from the School Office.

Governors also give their time to short term working groups to address single issues like the school website and there is also an Ethos Working group which monitors aspects of the overall school ethos.  Other statutory committees which meet less frequently are the Staffing, Performance Management,  Admissions Appeal and the Job Evaluation Appeal Committees.

The Governing Body is like the Executive Board of a company with the Head Teacher having the role of Managing Director responsible for the day to day management of the school.  All members work together to take important decisions about how the school is run and how best to ensure that all pupils get the best possible education and achieve their maximum potential.  

The Governing Body helps set and keep under review, the strategic framework within which the Head Teacher and staff should run the school.  In all its work, the Governing Body focuses on the key issues of raising standards of achievement, establishing high expectations and promoting effective teaching and learning.

Governors a have number of statutory duties to fulfil and play a significant rôle in creating a vision and strategy that is shared by all members of the school community.  They look to the future in their contribution to school development and are constantly seeking ways to ensure that the best possible education is offered to
our children. 

Training in such areas as finance, child protection and data monitoring is undertaken by governors who are also required to keep abreast of the changes in educational legislation and guidance.  The Governing Board is responsible for the appointment of the Head Teacher and will meet with the Ofsted team whenever there is an inspection.

The Governing Board is key to the effectiveness of a school.  The governors of Newnham St Peter’s are delighted to work with a highly talented and conscientious staff to provide an excellent Primary education for our children. Governors also work in partnership with parents, carers and the local community.





















Mrs Pat Le Rolland is Chair of Governors and serves on the Business Committee.  Her extensive career in the public sector has equipped her very well for overseeing leadership and management.  Pat is a Foundation governor who belongs to St Peter’s Church and lives in Pope’s Hill.



















Mrs Joanne Greening is Vice Chair of the Governing Board and chair of the Teaching and Learning Committee.  She monitors pupil data as well as reading and is a frequent visitor to school assemblies and events.  Joanne is a member of St Andrew’s Awre and is a secretary.  She has three children, one still at Newnham St Peter’s and two who are ex pupils.



















The Rev Dr Rob James is Vicar of the Benefice and an ex officio Foundation governor.  He lives in the vicarage in Newnham with his wife Jean and serves on the Business Committee.  Rob has special responsibility for spirituality and leads collective worship each week at school.  He and Jean run Monday Club at school, with Bible activities for Junior children.



















Our Head teacher, Mrs Claire Cook, is an ex officio governor who provides valuable input to both Teaching and Learning and Business Committees.  Her knowledge and expertise informs the governing body and ensures that the governance it provides is effective in creating the very best opportunities for the children.


Mrs Bev Bowles is a Foundation governor who lives in Newnham and belongs to St Peter’s Church.  Having taught in a Primary school for more than 20 years before retirement, she is ideally experienced to serve on the Teaching and Learning Committee and has specific responsibility for pupils with special needs.  


Mrs Patty Wightman is a Foundation governor who lives in Blakeney and is a member of St Peter’s Church.  As a retired teacher, she serves on the Teaching and Learning Committee and has specific responsibility for English and the Challenge curriculum.


Mrs Rachel Rand is a Parent governor who lives in Newnham and is chair of the Business Committee.  She continues to serve enthusiastically on the PTFA as well as fulfilling her governor duties. 

Mr Simon Cross is appointed by the governing board as a Local Authority governor.  He has a daughter in the school and is serving on the Teaching and Learning committee. He has responsibility for Sport and PE. He also oversees Health and Safety and the School Premises.


Mr Martin Spoor is a Foundation governor and lives in Blakeney, having previously been a Head Teacher, he now works for Ofsted and is on the Business Committee. His special responsibility is Safeguarding.


Mrs Karla Broady is the school Teaching and Learning Manager and the Staff Governor. She lives in Cinderford and has a daughter in the school. Mrs Broady serves on the Teaching and Learning Committee where her expertise is greatly appreciated.


Mrs Camilla Sweet is a Parent Governor and lives in Broadoak. She has two children, the eldest starting at Newnham St Peter's in September 2017. She is an experienced nursing sister currently working at Gloucester Royal Hospital. She serves on the Business Committee with responsibility for Computing and IT.