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Mrs Anne Nolan will become the new Headteacher from 1st September 2018....see latest news for details.

Who's who

Come and meet the staff at our school!

Picture 1 Mrs Cook, Headteacher, DSL
Picture 2 Mrs Broady, Dpty DSL,T&L Mngr & SENDco, Reception
Picture 3 Mrs Tetlow, School Business Manager
Picture 4 Mrs James, Alders Class Teacher
Picture 5 Mrs Baker, Alders Class Teacher
Picture 6 Miss White, Willows Class Teacher
Picture 7 Mrs Aston, Limes Class Teacher
Picture 8 Mrs Robinson, Limes Class Teacher
Picture 9 Mrs Harris, Parent/Pupil Support Advisor & TA
Picture 10 Mrs Bridgwood, Teaching Assistant/Lunch Supervisor
Picture 11 Mrs Jones, Teaching Assistant
Picture 12 Mrs Pearson, Teaching Assistant
Picture 13 Mrs Penfold, Teaching Assistant/Lunch Supervisor
Picture 14 Mrs Handscombe, Lunch Supervisor
Picture 15 Mrs Parrish, Lunch Supervisor