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Well done to the GPJ team. We won the final!

Who's who

Come and meet the staff at our school!

Picture 1 Mrs Cook, Headteacher, DSL
Picture 2 Mrs Broady, Deputy DSL, T&L Manager & SENDco
Picture 3 Mrs Tetlow, School Business Manager
Picture 4 Mr Clowes, Willows Class Teacher & Pupil Prem Mgr
Picture 5 Mrs Aston, Limes Class Teacher & RE Coordinator
Picture 6 Mrs James, Alders (Year 5) Teacher
Picture 7 Mrs Frey, Reception Teacher
Picture 8 Mrs Robinson, Year 1/2 teacher
Picture 9 Mrs Harris, Parent/Pupil Support Advisor & TA
Picture 10 Mrs Bridgwood, Teaching Assistant/Lunch Supervisor
Picture 11 Mrs McGregor, Teaching Assistant
Picture 12 Mrs Dallow, TA, Fairtrade Coordinator
Picture 13 Mrs Jones, Teaching Assistant
Picture 14 Mrs Moscrop, Teaching Assistant
Picture 15 Mrs Pearson, Teaching Assistant
Picture 16 Mrs Penfold, Teaching Assistant/Lunch Supervisor
Picture 17 Mrs Davis, Administration Assistant
Picture 18 Mrs Handscombe, Lunch Supervisor
Picture 19 Mrs Phillips, Lunch Supervisior
Picture 20 Mrs Greening, Caretaker