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We positively encourage good attendance and time-keeping.  Pupils are expected to attend all sessions unless they are too unwell to do so.  Incidences of habitual absences or lateness are referred to the school’s education welfare officer. 


Please read the documents below which explain the importance of good attendance and punctuality.



In the event of absence please let the school know by phoning on the first day of absence. We do have an answer phone so messages can be left at any time.

Notification of absence is most important and we ask that you comply with this request at all times.

If your child is absent and we have not received an explanation, we will attempt to contact you. If we do not receive a reason for absence within 14 days, the absence will be recorded as ‘unauthorised’.

Please ensure all contact details are up to date so we can contact you immediately should there be an emergency.

Parents are asked to avoid taking holidays during term time. However, on application by the parent, unavoidable leave of absence may, in exceptional circumstances, be granted by the Headteacher. Advanced approval must be obtained. Parents must make the request, in writing, to the Headteacher. Please note that no more than 10 days leave of absence can be authorised in any school year.