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Jack and the Beanstalk

We have had a very exciting week this week. On Tuesday we discovered a letter from the Giant asking us to plant some magic beans to help him get home, as Jack had cut his beanstalk down. We planted the magic beans and were extremely excited on Thursday morning to find a huge beanstalk growing up our climbing frame! We climbed the beanstalk and ended up in "Giantland". There was a castle in Giantland and inside the castle was a treasure chest of gold coins and a letter from the Giant thanking us for planting the magic beans... and giving us another mission. He wanted us to use our measuring skills to find a hen that was a particular size, as Jack had taken his hen. 


After finding the perfect hen for the Giant, the children decided to decorate a box and write some cards to thank the Giant for their gold coins. It was a lovely idea!! They also retold the story and made up their own stories in Giantland and had a fantastic week!

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