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Newnham - a short guide

We are planning a short guide to Newnham for children. We took photographs on our walk around Newnham and wrote entries for the first part of our leaflet.
The Green (by Zia Davies


Cross the road from the church and turn to your left and you’ll be able to see the garden of Castle House and the Green. The Green is known for, well, what it’s called. It’s a big area of lovely green grass and tall trees. At the Green, there is a big bowl shaped hole in the ground, which is where a castle used to be, kings liked to visit and now is a place children like to play at.


The Armoury Hall (by Kasey Penning)
At the Armoury Hall, there is a library with very good books that you will enjoy and they even have new books and some old books. If you want to read a book at home, it won’t cost you a penny. All you do is read a book then after you will need to give it back. They also do food there like ploughman’s lunches and desserts too.

The Armoury Hall (by Wyatt Kibble)
At the Armoury Hall, you can go to the library, get a card pass and it doesn’t cost a penny. But you need to give the book back and then you can get another one.

The Armoury Hall (by Cerys Grindle)
The Armoury Hall is the most quiet, lovely local library which is full of loads of books. If you enjoy reading books, it’s the best place to go because you can get a library card and borrow books. You bring it back after you have read the book.

The Park (by Zia Davies)
At the park, you can play with your friends, slide down the ramps and play football in the field. The park is the most popular place for most kids since children love playing in parks and play areas. If you are a grown up, you can play tennis on the tennis court.

The Park (by Aspen Harris)
At Newnham Park you can play on the swings and the seesaw. There is a big, old oak tree which is fun to climb. Beside the park is a fantastic football pitch and a silver, shining, shimmering skate park. But the most important thing is … you can play with your friends in … the park!

The School (by Emily Gilbert)
The school in Newnham is on Station Road. It was built in 1979. After school, if you want to, you can play in the park. Lots of people go to Newnham School. Everyone’s happy and kind. Sometimes it’s a bit boring but mostly it’s fun. Everyone loves going on school trips. All you have to bring to school is a book and reading diary, a coat, a packed lunch or you could have a school dinner, a snack, a bag, school uniform, shoes and yourself!


The George Café (by Lorcan McPherson)
On Newnham main road, half way up the hill on the left, there’s a fantastic café called The George. When you come in the café, you can have a lush milkshake with dark chocolate. The building is very old but the café is only 7 years old. When it’s a sunny day, you can sit outside and enjoy yourself but, when it’s raining, you can sit inside and still enjoy yourself. Also, there are knitting things where you can knit.
If you go upstairs, then there will be an amazing gallery where the pots will be, and you can buy the pots. At the edge of the gallery, there will be an amazing view of Newnham; sometimes you can see the church. But there’s still more in the gallery. There are lovely pictures and there’s a piano for a good price that you can also buy.

The Clock Tower (by Mathew Isko)

To get to the Clock Tower, go up or down the High Street. You will see a tower with a clock on it and that’s the Clock Tower! It’s nearly 140 years old. You
may think that’s quite old but it’s not as old as Newnham. Newnham is about 1000 years old. Behind the Clock Tower is a street called Station road. The park is in the massive field and the school is next to the park.

The Club (by Bobbie Parrish)


The Club has a big beer garden where you can eat food and play. You don’t have to bring your own food because, at the counter, you can order it. The room I like best is the skittle alley where you can play skittles, eat, drink and play lots of different children’s games.
In the room next to the beer garden, you can play a fun game of pool for only 50p. You can also buy scratch cards and play on a game that you can win money on. Upstairs is a room that you can use for parties and discos because it’s very big.

The Club (by Izzy Babij)
As you walk up to the main entrance of the club, you will find a double, dark green door. If you come through the main door and you go to the left, you will find a bar where you can buy drinks. If you go into the other room in the bar, you will find a pool table, a television, the ladies’ toilet and the entrance to the back door and the men’s toilet.
When you come through the main door again and go through the door on the right, then you will come across a skittle alley where men play skittles and children play with the toys sometimes.
After you come through the main door again and you go through the door in front of you, you will find the door to the kitchen and some steep stairs. If you go up the stairs, you will find the ladies’ toilet and a big room for parties and discos.


The River Severn and the bore at Newnham (by Theo Van den Bergh)

The river is the best! If you’re lucky, you might see the awesome bore. I you have no fears, you can surf the bore. The bore is amazing especially because of the pattern it makes at the back. When I watched the bore, I could see it coming from a distance and surfers trying to get on the wave. Unfortunately, it is very hard to surf the bore and most people fall off. If you look at the wonderful website of Newnham, you can see the times for when the bore comes. The best place to watch the bore is behind the church. You can surf the bore, canoe through the waves or just watch the bore.
The views from St Peter’s Church (by Courtney Webber)
At the Church, you can see the River Severn (look out for the bore). At the bottom of the churchyard is a very good viewpoint from which you can see the river.
Once a month, on a Thursday, we go to the church for a service. Reverend Rob is the vicar of Newnham St Peter’s school.

Some of the shops in Newnham (by Adam Whitney)
Half way down the main street there’s a place called The Chemist. You go there to get medicine if you’re poorly and lollies.
The corner shop is an amazing place. Also you can buy hundreds of things like crisps, sweets, vegetables, meat, ice cream, ice cubes, potatoes and drinks like Coke, Fanta, Sprite, orange juice and water. It’s right next to the Clock Tower in the amazing and interesting village called Newnham.

The Post Office (by Spike Lewis)

In the middle of Newnham is the Post Office. It sells stamps, newspapers, kid’s toys and magazines. It is open every day except Sunday. You can also purchase cards and sweets. On its notice-board, it shows events going on. Please enjoy visiting! Low on plasticine? Then come for a refill.