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** STARS OF THE WEEK 08/11/19 ** Pre-School: Arran & Piper * Acorns: Amelia, Darcie & Millie * Limes 1: Louie R & Sebastian * Limes 2: Harry J & Sammy * Willows 3: Lily P & Freya * Willows 4: Sunny & Krystal * Alders: Ricki-Lee, Gabriela, Jeana & Willow * Head Teacher Awards: All of Year 5,6 and the parents who helped clear the playground leaves **


Welcome to Willows' Class!


We are a lively and friendly class who are enthusiastic to learn. Mrs Aston and Mrs Tomkins are our teachers and we are also helped by Mrs Dallow.

During the afternoons we work closely with our neighbours in Alders' Class. We follow a skills based curriculum and enjoy lots of exciting learning opportunities.

By visiting our class page you will be able to keep up to date with all the fun learning experiences that we have.

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